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Villa Ratu Rural nuance Concept With The Back To Nature The Worth Your Visit

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Villa Ratu Rural nuance Concept With The Back To Nature The Worth Your Visit

Forget your busy routine and tiresome in big cities with a visit and a trip to Villa Ratu as a resting place that lies between Mount Salak and Pangarango with beautiful scenery and the cool air. Villa Queen of the nuances of rural BACK TO NATURE concept as an alternative location other than the peak tourist.

 Villa Ratu with an area ± 3 hectares, Queen Villa located in rural areas, village Pancawati, Caringin, Bogor Regency (Sukabumi direction) that avoid peak traffic flow to accommodate the ± 300 people to stay and ± 1500 people to play / recreation (one day trip).

Villa Ratu is ideal for recreational areas for the group's office employees, school children and families who want to have a casual event such as: Family Gathering, Outbound, Outing, Camping, Hiking / Tracking to the field / hill and river, Reunion, Farewell, Family Meetings and events Other relaxed. In addition,Villa Ratu also have facilities for meetings and training activities / training.

Existing facilities at Villa Ratu, among others: The gardens are spacious and neat again beautiful, spacious area for activities Outbound / Outing and Camping, Swimming Pool, Flying Fox, Saung for a place to relax, garden vegetables, Soccer Field, Volleyball, Basketball , Badminton, Table Tennis, Fishing Pond, Fireside, Barbeque, games for children, following Hall meeting equipment, following Single Organ singer, Karaoke, extensive car parking and safe.

You can choose the type of villa / bungalow made of bamboo in various sizes from one to four bedroom below the kitchen and equipment. We recommend that you first survey to look directly  Villa Ratu and detailed information both on price and other matters.

We look forward to your arrival at Villa Queen.

Villa Ratu Management

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